It has been a long and arduous journey for Bozatli Kagit (Bozatli Paper) to become a global brand, but with its “Marmaris” products, it is striving to complete this journey.  Bozatl?, which has endeavoured to gain brand recognition in the foreign markets, has established a regular flow of communication through its advertising campaigns.
Thinking globally, and acting locally, was transformed into a vision by Bozatl?, and when the company opened up into new markets, all local factors were considered. It followed a local strategy according to the cultural, demographic and socio-economic structure of the region.
During the process of industrial development and integration, the pressure of the global market and increasing competition meant that marketing, and becoming a recognised brand, was even more important than before. Due to the economic conditions in Turkey, where operating costs and advertising costs are high, becoming an established brand became a long-term plan.  By making use of the opportunities of an economic crisis, the “Marmaris” brand, with its day-to-day revenue, made the company a more profitable one. In the next financial period, with a stabilised economy, Bozatl? will invest more in brand recognition.
By providing value-added products for the consumers, Bozatl? puts emphasis on the factors of emotional benefit and social responsibility. The Marmaris brand does not only represent a product and a service, but also a culture and a life style, with status and emotional ties. This is why great care is taken to ensure that the relationship with the consumer is strategic, consistent and fair.